Fundraising for new HIFU trial

UCARE are hoping to raise £50k to enable a new study in Oxford. High Intensity Focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a non-invasive method of destroying solid tumours, including cancers, from outside the body without using radiation, which is gaining clinical approvals across the globe.

In Oxford we have an ultrasound-guided HIFU device with world-renowned clinical HIFU expertise. A feasibility study in Oxford has demonstrated that non-invasive HIFU ablation is safe and successfully targeted around 80% of patients with selected renal cancers. However complete tumour destruction (or ‘ablation’), which is the desired outcome, was only demonstrated in the minority of these patients.

The HIFU experts, including biomedical engineers, understand that incomplete tumour destruction was due to poor penetrance of ultrasound to the tumour through the protective fat surrounding the kidney. If ultrasound powers were increased further to improve penetration, this may lead to unintentional ‘off-target’ effects such as skin burns.

SonoVue is an FDA-approved ultrasound contrast agent (containing micro-bubbles), which has an excellent safety profile. When therapeutic ultrasound is combined with circulating micro-bubbles administered through a vein, the thresholds required for tumour ablation using HIFU are reduced.

If higher ablation rates can be demonstrated, in order to lower the powers required to completely destroy tumours HIFU+Sonovue could become a standard therapy in the management pathway of renal cancers in Oxford and other centres worldwide.

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